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Meet our Management Team

Passionate Educators

Sam Oeun SOK  (Mr. Sam)

Khmer Program Director

Mr. Sam has been a Khmer Program Director at API since April 2017. He has over 10 years of working experience in educational institutions. He brings his experience and perspective to the strategic development of the Khmer Department.  Sam jointly provides leadership for his staff and students to ensure clarity, coherence and quality with regard to teaching and learning. Contact Mr. Sam for more information about our Khmer National Program.

Rachael Yardley

Head of Kindergarten

Rachael is a polite, friendly person with a caring nature, good sense of humour and a creative mind.  She is passionate about young children and their learning, safety and happiness.  She is a Qualified Level 3 NVQ Childcare Practitioner from England and she has been working in a nursery environment since February 2013. For the past 3 years she has lived in Siem Reap, and she hopes to stay for many more years to come.

Kimhieng HAN

Office Manager

Kimhieng is extremely organised and tremendously passionate about her work. She works hard to give everyone the most up-to-date and correct information and warmly welcomes everyone with a smile. Contact Kimhieng and her team for more information about the programs, additional services and school fees.

Vannak SOTH  (Mr. V)

Director / Co-Founder

Amazingly energetic and driven, Vannak quickly became one of the most beloved people at API-School. He has been expertly preparing the school to face challenges and succeed.

Aaron Hallowell

K12 Coordinator

Aaron is a fully qualified Australian teacher. He completed his bachelors degree at University of Wollongong and has been working at API since December 2016. He is proactive, motivated and works hard to make sure that every student in our International English program receives a world-class education. Contact Aaron for more information about our International English Program.

Sokunthearong That

ESL Director

Mr. T has brought with him work experiences in Education, Life Insurance, and Hospitality.  He always puts a lot of his focus on creating and cultivating organizational development as well as building an active and collaborative team through reinforcing company culture.  He has fulfilled Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the Institute of Foreign Languages and Postgraduate Diploma in Business, a joined program between Charles Sturt University Australia and Economics and Finance Institute, Cambodia.